주보날짜: January 15, 2023
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

I had the privilege of taking some of the youth students to Orlando for our winter retreat. It wasn’t the retreat I had in mind originally, but God’s plan was and always is better than mine. I wanted to take the whole youth group, including our young adults, to a retreat center where we could worship day and night, but like I said, God had other plans for us. It was just twelve youth students who came to the retreat. Twelve, what a familiar number, isn’t it? Like the twelve disciples of Jesus, I had twelve students attending this retreat. Maybe God has special plans for each one of those students, but hopefully it won’t include betraying me 😊
I said it was a blessed beginning because this was a blessed retreat. Blessed because most parents haven’t had the chance to eat a meal prepared by their own child (children), but we had the privilege of eating two breakfasts made by the youth. Blessed because of the fellowship between the youth students, including myself. We got to witness unity through the Holy Spirit. And blessed because of God’s Word during our group and personal devotionals. I truly believe that God has spoken to each person during the retreat so that we could become worshippers of God.
Thank you for the prayers and support!