Building Memories

주보날짜: November 15, 2023
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

A few weeks ago, I requested one week off from work, and thankfully, I was granted that request and was able to get some rest last week. Because it was slightly spontaneous, my wife and I did not have anything planned. And with Celine being only three months old, we were also limited with our choices. For instance, I love hiking and Colorado is on my bucket list, but I felt it would be too much for a newborn to deal with high altitudes.
All this time, we were thinking and planning for a trip outside of Florida, but since we were limited and running out of time, this time we decided to stay in Florida. Those who have been living in Florida for a long time always want to go somewhere else, somewhere far, and we forget that there is so much beauty just a few minutes away from us. Think about it, many people buy plane tickets and get a hotel room to visit and explore Florida. Why am I sharing this with you? It is to help you recognize that you do not need to travel far or spend thousands to have a good quality time with your family. Do not feel the burden or pressure to plan something fancy. In fact, many have asked me the places I visited because they look so pretty in the photos. Once again, it was all in Florida, and some of those places are completely free to visit. So simply go and enjoy every moment building memories because one thing you will not have again is time.