주보날짜: October 22, 2023
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

Are you a seafood lover? I believe most Koreans love all sort of seafood, cooked and/or raw. One of the best seafood dishes I’ve ever tried is the Korean soy sauce marinated crab and the spicy marinated crab too. But I must admit that Florida has a good variety of seafood as well. I had the privilege of tasting one of the best crabs here in South Florida. I believe we are truly blessed to live on this land. But I recently found out that billions of crabs have been missing around Alaska since 2020 causing many fishermen canceling their snow crab season. Later on, scientist discovered that these crabs had died because of the climate change. To be more specific, as the water became warmer, their metabolism also changed, causing an increase on their caloric needs.
The world in which we live is constantly changing at a fast pace and I already feel like I am slowly getting behind. And as the world changes, our needs and wants change as well, don’t they? We need more money because of inflation, we want the latest Iphone 15, we need a properly working air conditioner with this heat, we want an electric car like others do, and so on. But even when the world changes, I hope that our need and want for God will always remain our top priority in life.