Fasting Experience

주보날짜: March 26, 2023
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

During this lent season, the youth group and I decided to fast once a week, for a full day. Let me first tell you how it started, and then, how it is going. I remember praying about it for a week, whether it’s a good or bad idea for the youth. As you may know, fasting for one meal is already hard enough, thus I was hesitant about it. But when I made both suggestions, to either fast for one meal or all three meals, I was humbled by the unanimous response of the youth students, who wanted to fast all day long. I will be honest, I expected them to choose the easy path, but they took the big challenge.
Now, how is it going? Well, it is extremely hard. A good number of students try to fast, but they can’t skip a meal; others try to fast all day long, but end up eating one meal; and then, there are a few who have fasted successfully. For most of the students, fasting hasn’t been easy at all, but I am sure that the Lord is joyful to see a generation that tries to refocus on Him.
Church, there are still a few days left on Lent season. Let’s do our best to have one of the best experiences in our faith as we fast and focus on Jesus Christ.