From one generation to another generation

주보날짜: April 30, 2023
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

This restaurant located in Madrid, Spain, is called Sobrino de Botin, originally known as Casa Botin. It was founded by Jean Botin and his wife in 1725, nearly 300 years ago. When They died without having any children, one of their nephews became the new owner. Since the start of the 20th century, the restaurant has been part of the Gonzalez family, who have owned it for three generations.
The restaurant might be rich in flavor, in history, but what really amazes me is the fact that it is still operating as it was passed from one generations to another generation. I wonder if that will be the case for out church, and for the numerous churches around the world. I wonder if they will be passed on from one generation to another generation. This process does not simply take place, but I believe that there must willingness and sacrifice from both generations to hand over and take over the responsibility of taking care of God’s church.
I look forward to the day that KPCM will appear on the news for being a church that stands to do God’s works for 300 years and more, as we keep on loving, equipping, and serving the next generations to come.