God’s people living for God’s kingdom

주보날짜: May 23, 2021
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

Another year has passed and yet we are unable to visit the different mission fields. Though we continue to pray and support them, it feels like there is something missing in our church’s ministry. To avoid losing love and passion for missions, let’s me share a short biography of a missionary who has changed an entire country by being faithful to God and the gospel.

Robert Jermain Thomas was one of the first missionaries to develop a heart for ministry in Korea. Though he didn’t have a strategy, a vision, nor the typical two- or five-year plan, he heard about the need for Bibles in Korea.

During that time, foreigners were not so welcomed in the country, and in many occasions, they would get arrested or killed if they tried to bring Western influences. Even though R. J. Thomas was fully aware of the dangerous situation, he was more aware of the need for Bibles. On his second journey to Korea, R. J. Thomas was caught smuggling Bibles and till his last breath, he was giving out Bibles to the crowd that attacked him and killed him.

We live in such comfortable country, enjoying our “freedom” that we forget about people’s needs. You won’t believe it, but even nowadays, there are families without a Bible. There are missionaries who continue to risk their lives to smuggle a Bible. There are missionaries who sacrifice their lives so that one more person could hear the name of Jesus. There are missionaries who live as God’s people for God’s kingdom.

On this day, let us be thankful for all those missionaries who live for God and for His gospel.