Jesus, my only hope

주보날짜: June 27, 2021
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

Since Thursday morning, I’ve been getting several text messages from family and friends who were concerned about my safety. At first, I was unaware of the news, but later on I found out that a building located in Surfside, FL, collapsed around 1:30am. So far, there are four dead and 159 are still missing. And though this took place in the US, according to the news, multiple countries have expressed their support since there are citizens from many nations who have been affected by this collapse. My prayers go out to all the victims and to their families.
Some might say that this is not the right place nor the right moment to say the following, but I believe it is a necessary reminder to all of us. This news reminded me of two things. First, we truly do not know when our time will come. Secondly, our foundation is indeed important. I personally do not know when I will depart, but I do have the assurance that it will not be the end because of Jesus, my only hope. Life will end here on earth, but I will have a new beginning in God’s presence. Furthermore, Jesus not only is my future hope, but my present hope too. He is my solid ground in which I stand to live, to serve, etc. I pray that today, you will welcome Jesus, who is our only hope now and forever.