One Savior, One Kingdom, One Church

주보날짜: December 11, 2022
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

This past Sunday, Dec. 4th, our church was so blessed to host the celebration of Jesus’ birth with the different church choirs. Each church stood on the stage to praise the name of Jesus – some of the choirs consisted of adults, some including young adults, and others had teenagers and young children standing together to praise. These pictures of the choirs were indeed beautiful images of churches gathering to celebrate the birth of the Messiah.
As the event was coming to an end, each church had already performed their songs. It looked like a pastor would go up and close it with a prayer, but to our surprise, all the choirs made their way up to the stage to sing all together. I thought watching every choir and its members was a beautiful scene, but the image of all the churches gathered to praise the name of Jesus is even better. Though it is a wonderful representation of God’s Kingdom and of His one Church, I believe this is just a glimpse of what is to come. One day, we will all be in the presence of God, as one Kingdom, as one Church, praising the one and only, Jesus our Lord, for eternity.