So, now what?

주보날짜: April 10, 2021
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

This past Sunday, we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. When I was a kid, Easter Sunday was one of my favorite Sundays throughout the entire year because we used to receive eggs at church. I am not talking about the regular eggs we eat at home. Children do not get excited when they receive just an egg, right? I am talking about huge eggs made out of chocolate with small presents inside of them. But as I got older, I understood that Easter was not about bunnies and chocolate eggs. I finally learned that Easter Sunday is such a joyous and glorious day because it is the day that Jesus rose from the grave, defeated death and sin, and made the way for sinners to receive salvation and enjoy an eternal relationship with the Father.

During Easter Sunday, I see Christians excited to celebrate His resurrection with cheerful hearts. I see Christians praising the name of Jesus with so much passion for such victory over death. Even people who tend to skip church come out on this day to remember the new life we have received through Christ. But everything seems to fade away as the day is over. Christians do not seem that happy anymore, they find church as a weekly routine, and it looks like they forget about the new life through the resurrected King.

You might wonder, now what? What comes after the resurrection? How am I supposed to live my life after Easter Sunday? Church, if you are looking for an answer, look at the life of the disciples who remained on earth after the Lord ascended. They were the continuation of Jesus’ earthly ministry. That’s the lifestyle we must pursue as followers of Christ. Easter Sunday is over, but don’t let your passion for Christ and your devotion to God and His church be over as well.