“Seek the Eternal Word of Our God”

주보날짜: January 17, 2021
목회자 성명:  Pastor Aaron Kwon

Have you ever tried an exotic food you thought it was disgusting, but after having a taste of it your opinion changed? I have a long list! I’ve noticed that in the Korean culture, many people eat animals’ feet. For instance, pig’s feet, known as “Jokbal” and chicken feet, known as “dakbal.” The first I’ve heard of them, my mind couldn’t really process the thought of consuming animals’ feet. I believe I even rejected them when it was offered to me. Later on, I decided to give it a try since many individuals told me that it is delicious. Thank God I was brave enough to taste them because from that moment, I developed a love for “jokbal” and “dakbal.”

I will be honest, the Word of God does not seem attractive at first; if anything, it looks boring, there is too much information that is hard to understand, and some would argue that it is outdated. Let’s not even talk about those who abhor the idea of being told what to do and how to live their lives. That’s why, there are countless of human beings who do not seek the Word of God nor they desire to spend time reading it. I believe that’s because they haven’t tasted the power of His Word, because they haven’t seen a glimpse of God’s glory through it yet.

Dear church, when you taste something delicious, you want to have more of it and you will seek it again and again, day after day. Psalm 119:97 declares, “Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long.” Dear church, may this be your confession because you have seen the beauty, glory, and power of God’s Word, and may you seek the eternal Word of our God for eternity.