The revival is not over

주보날짜: February 26, 2022
목회자 성명:  Pastor Aaron Kwon

Praise the Lord and glory to our God for the blessings our church has received through the revival! As pastor Steven Jhu has said, we thank God for the precious revival and we also want to thank all the church members who have prepared and planned the revival, and have served during the revival by cleaning, preparing food, translating, live streaming, leading worship, and so on. I am sure I am not the only one who feels refreshed from all the praise, the Word of God, the prayer time, and from the wonderful guest speaker, rev. Joshua Kim (김성택 목사님). Once again, thank you Father for your goodness and thank you Korean Presbyterian Church of Miami for all that you have done.
Now, what’s next? It is true that the revival event is over, but the reality is that our revival is still going on. What do I mean by that? That same Spirit and passion is still burning within us, all the lessons and sermons remain in our hearts and minds, and above all, the revival is not over because now is the time to apply everything we have absorbed from the revival. Let our year of Jubilee be marked by the transformation Christ and His Word have made in our lives.