These are the days

주보날짜: October 1, 2023
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

Cory Asbury is a well-known Christian artist, mainly known for his song titled “Reckless love.” This year, he wrote another song, and although it’s not about God, it’s not a worship song, I wanted to share it with everyone as a reminder of what parents go through on a daily basis as they raise their children, no matter how young or old they are. Let’s be honest, we all have those moments of joy, happiness, laughter, but there are also days of frustration, anger, stress, and so on. Parenthood is not easy at all, but don’t let this be an excuse for you to blow your chance to build up memories that probably won’t ever happen again. That being said, I want to share the lyrics of the song called “These are the days.”
Hospital to home was a four minute drive. The baby on board made it thirty five. We didn’t sleep a wink that night. Just laid by that crib singing nursery rhymes. These are the days that we’ll want back.
The kindergarten drop off line. His first day of school, didn’t even cry. And that was when we knew that life. It had a funny way of just passing us by. These are the days that we’ll want back.
It took us a day to build that bike. Felt like we only got a minute to watch him ride. Juggling dinner, school, and practice times. Just trying to make it through to that glass of cheap wine. These are the days that we’ll want back. We’ll want back.
All of the countless, crazy, sleepless nights. All of the firsts and the lasts and the tears that we cried. All of the “How does this work Dad?” and “Mom tell me why.” Sometimes growing up feel like goodbye.
There was time when we were your world. And now you’re moving on to marry your girl. So buy her a house and call it home. Give her a life and some kids of her own.
So tell ’em bed time stories. Give ’em a kiss good night. Darlin’ before we know it. This old house will be quiet. I know we’re tired right now. Someday we’ll laugh about it. Let’s slow it down and raise a glass.
‘Cause these are the days that we’ll want back.

I hope you enjoy this song, and may it be an encouragement to all parents to appreciate every moment.