World Cup 2022

주보날짜: November 13, 2022
목회자 성명:  권아론 전도사

Every four years, the entire world focuses on this major event: the World Cup. It is a time to wear your country’s colors, it’s a time to support your nation(s), and also, it’s time celebrate your country’s victories and accomplishments. But in the midst of this joyful moment, not everyone has the same experience as we do. Every major event, like the World Cup, has its little “secrets” which are constantly revealed to the world, that unfortunately, has almost no interest at all.
Did you know that Qatar’s current population is around 2.9 million? That’s very small compared to, for example, Florida that has over 22 million residents. Then how did Qatar manage to build a whole new airport, soccer stadiums, and all the touristic attractions? This is where human trafficking and labor exploitation take place – migrant workers come to work in the construction sectors. According to the U.S. State Department, workers suffer abuses such as: withheld wages and delayed payment, passport confiscation, excessive hours, abhorrent company-sponsored living conditions, etc.
Once again, Qatar’s World Cup is just one of the many other cases. Let’s remember that behind every major event, there are evil works taking place.